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Factory crumbling, Utica

This image was captured on a trip. The foreboding cloudy sky contrasted sharply with the decaying factory.

Photo of Utica Factory
Genesee Country Musuem

Nature and structures always are intriguing. The weathered barn and fence contrasted with the new growth.

Genesee Country Musuem
There use to be barns
Barn, Stafford NY

This barn was burned down in the spring of 2019. I am so glad I stopped and took a picture of it. There use to be barns.

Wasatch, Utah

A friend of mine visited Utah and sent me this image of a decrepit cow barn. Inspired “Solitude Beckoning in the Wasatch”

“Solitude Beckoning in the Wasatch”

A closer look!

"The Beckoning"
Moon outside of my home.

Photograph that inspired "The Beckoning"

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