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Julie A. Lambert Artist Statement


Handmade Paper Artist: Reflections of Decay and Emergence; expressing myself through  art illuminates my perceptions that  emerge through thoughts and emotions that inspire  my internal drive to capture both the natural disintegration, decay and rebirth of elements that surrounds me.


I first learned the art of papermaking while attending SUNY Oswego for my BFA.  I was both intrigued  and captivated, the feel of the pulp, and the  limitless possibilities.  35 years  later, the abstract convoluted pieces  emerged into complex pieces of handmade paper. The theme of all my pieces is  to capture a moment or feeling in time, decay and emergence,  using  light,  colors and textures to illuminate and express both landscapes and ideas.  The image and theme are translated through the art of making the paper.  Multiple sheets of paper are made by dying and pouring the pulp, creating  textures along with using dyed wet pulp. Both wet pulp and dried hand crafted paper are layered onto the work through the processes of wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on wet.


I live in a small village in New York with my husband,  son, 1 dog and 2 cats.  My daughter  lives  just a jump away in the city of Rochester.  The village of LeRoy is located close to the finger lakes, woods, farmlands  The Oatka creek meanders through the village,  inspiring my art, but I have also traveled around the country and Europe.  My camera is always in hand.

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