"A Moment Captured"
"Genesee Country Museum"
"The Fog"
an oasis in serenity
"my musings meander for no apparent reason"
"The Crow"
"The Crow" Detailed
"through the ferns came a warble"
"a quiet whispering"
“Solitude Beckoning in the Wasatch”
"Wolf Creek Bridge, Letchworth"
"There used to be Barns"
"Zoar Valley"
"Lake Ontario Shore"
"Hay Barns of Zugspitze"
"The Calling"
"Crows at Twilight-U of R"
“Fowlerville Garden Wall”
"Dragon's Eye"
"Sea Squall, Path to Escape"
"I cannot be without hope"
Spirit Tree Series #12
The ending of oscillation, finding s
"...the heart begins to unfurl"
“Mountain Bird, Zugspitze, Germany”
Spirit Tree Series #9
Spirit Tree Series #11
Spirit Tree Series #10
"Abstract Blues"
Abstract Raindrops
Abstract Greens:Blues
Abstract Pink
Butterfly Abstract
Carleton Hill
"Collective Thoughts"
"A Quiet Place"
Untitled Landscape
"The Watchers"
"Butterfly Window"
“Elegant Respose”
"Shattered Planet"
“Paper, Fabric and Sisters”
"The Presence"
"Spirit Tree V"
"Gay Pride 2019"
“Cultivating Tranquility”
“The Alluring Beguiling Dam”
"A smile from an old friend"
“Spirit Tree III”
“The Beckoning”
"Spirit Tree 1: Series 2
Spirit Tree I, Dancing with color"
"The Fishing Shack"
"Compostible, Self Protrait"
“Sampler - Buttery in Flight”