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 Artist, Wife , Mother and Pet Owner.

I first learned the art of papermaking while attending SUNY Oswego

from my print making professors.  I was a Fine Arts major concentrating

in Lithography and  Intaglio  printing but when  I learned the art of

making paper I feel love with the medium. I was both intrigued  and

captivated, the feel of the pulp, and the  limitless possibilities.  25 years

later, the abstract convoluted pieces  emerged into complex pieces that

are hand poured, colored, texturized and layered to create pieces of work

that reflect my interpretation of nature.  The theme of all my pieces

is  to capture a moment in time  when light reflected upon the colors

and textures illuminating the land scape. 

I live in a small town in western New York with my husband,  son, 2 dogs

and 2 cats.  My daughter  lives  just a jump away in the city

of Rochester.  The village of LeRoy is surrounded by farmlands  and

small woods.  The Oatka creek meanders thru the village.  Plenty to

inspire my art, but I have also been lucky enough to have

travelled around the country and visit  Europe.  My camera in hand,

I  try to capture that moment that inspires  my internal drive to capture

the  beauty that surrounds me. 


Julie Lambert

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